Interior Design

Interior Design

Having studied with Chelsea Coryell, owner and developer of Design For A Living out of Seattle, I am a Professional Certified Interior Designer. My passions include turning an empty, outdated home into a work of art; delving into a client’s heart to help them discover what they would really love for their home to be like; and even more than a designer, serving as a project manager to schedule and oversee all aspects of the work and furniture orders needed to make their home the haven of their dreams.
My services include remodel design of floors, walls, lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace renovation, window treatments, and new furniture suggestions. I am very flexible and love all aspects of interior design from new millennial ideas to contemporary design styles and old traditional standbys. I endeavor to not impose my personal style upon a client – but rather discover what their style is, bringing out the desires of their heart.

Full Service Design

From gutting an interior and starting over to a brand-new build, this is the service that encompasses the full gamut of design needs. It will include the sourcing and purchasing of all interior needs such as furniture, flooring, window treatments, lighting and accessories.
We also can help with bathroom and kitchen remodels by specifying paint colors, cabinet styles and finishes, hardware, appliances, flooring, designing of tile and selecting of granite. The complete package!

Residential Remodels

This package is for the remodel that is a bit more extensive than just a kitchen or bathroom and is designed to be more cost effective.
It provides detailed floor plans and electrical plans for larger additions or remodels that may involve more than 2 or 3 rooms.

Hourly Consultations

These are perfect when you need help with only a few design issues. Examples include shopping for furnishings, seasonal decorating, selecting paint colors and space planning for homes and offices. 
Please contact me so we can discuss your specific project and how I can help!  

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1961 Mid Century Modern Remodel

Inspired by the original architecture from 1961, this Spokane home was so much fun to remodel and design. The bright colors,  and mixture of mid century modern and Asian influences really make every room pop.